Optical properties of TiO

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Perpendicularly self-aligned TiO2 nanotube samples of size of 3 × 5 cm2 were fabricated by the electrochemical anodization method using a solution containing NH4F. Influences of the technological conditions such as NH4F concentration and anodization voltage were studied. It was found that NH4F concentration in the solution and anodization voltage significantly affect the diameter and length of a TiO2 nanotube. The diameter and the length of a TiO2 nanotube were observed and estimated by using scanning electron microscopy. It has shown that the largest diameter and the longest length of about 80 nm and 20 μm, respectively, were obtained for the sample anodized in a solution containing 0.4% of NH4F, under a voltage of 48 V. Photoluminescence spectra excited by laser lights having wavelengths of 325 and 442 nm (having energies higher and lower than the band gap energy of TiO2) was recorded at room temperature for the TiO2 nanotube arrays. An abnormal luminescence result was observed. It is experimental evidence that the manufactured TiO2 nanotube array is an expected material for hydrogen splitting from water by photochemical effect under sunlight as well as for the nano solar cells.

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