Electrodeposition of PEDOT-rGO film in aqueous solution for detection of acetaminophen in traditional medicaments

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This paper develops a novel and convenient approach to deposit poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-reduced graphene oxide (PEDOT-rGO) hybrid film in aqueous solution through electrochemical process. The PEDOT-rGO film exhibited supperior charge transfer capability with charge transfer resistance of 1333 Ω.cm−2 and standard transfer rate constant of 0.145 s−1, which makes it a promising material for electrochemical sensing applications. The glassy carbon electrode modified with PEDOT-rGO showed good electrocatalytic performance towards acetaminophen with limit detection of 5.74 μM, linear concentrations ranging from 10 to 60 μM and sensitivity of 23.5 μA.μM−1.cm−2. The use of acetaminophen sensor based on PEDOT-rGO in analysing Vietnamese traditional medicaments was demonstrated.

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