Cavity induced perfect absorption in metamaterials

Tóm tắt

We present novel resonant modes at the THz regime in a structure combining conventional metamaterial absorber (MA) with a cavity (MAC). The well-known structure consisting of three individual layers of periodic metallic dishes on the top, a dielectric layer in the middle, and a metallic film in the bottom is used, and the cavity is formed on the top layer by changing the geometry of the metallic dishes. MACs with various cavity parameters are designed and their absorption characteristics, such as magnetic field distribution, surface current, and power loss density at resonant frequencies of the designed structure, are numerically investigated. Resonant effects in this work may find applications in THz tunable and broadband MA, and our investigation on the dependence of the absorption frequency and absorption intensity on the geometric cavity of the designed structure will provide a general guideline for MAC design.

Từ khoá

Metamaterials absorber, metamaterials absorber with cavity, perfect absorption

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