Silver nanoparticles ink synthesis for conductive patterns fabrication using inkjet printing technology

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In this paper we present silver nanoparticles ink synthesis targeting conductive patterns for micro fabricated devices by inkjet printing technology. The well dispersed nanoparticles ink was composed of silver colloid with an average particle diameter less than 10 nm. These nanoparticles were protected by a capping layer of poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) (PVP) even at silver concentration of 20 wt%. Stable aqueous inks were formulated by using a combination of solvent and co-solvents and under vigorous stirring. Various factors affecting the adhesion between the ink and the substrate were investigated, such as solvent and co-solvent content. The ink containing 20 wt% silver has a viscosity of about 9.5 cP and a surface tension of 32 to 36 mN m−1 at room temperature, meeting inkjet printer requirements. The ink stored under ambient conditions was stable against aggregation for more than one month. Silver nanoparticles patterns have been successfully printed on various substrates.

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inkjet printing, silver nanoparticles ink, micro fabrication

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