Metamaterial-based perfect absorber: polarization insensitivity and broadband

Tóm tắt

We report the design and simulation of a microwave metamaterials-based perfect absorber using a simple and highly symmetric structure. The basic structure consists of three functional layers: the middle is a dielectric, the back is a metallic plane and the front is a ring of metal. The influence of structural parameters on the absorbance and absorption frequency were investigated. The results show an exceptional absorption performance of near unity around 16 GHz. In addition, the absorption is insensitive to the polarization of the incident beam due to the highly symmetric structure. Finally, four and nine rings with different sizes are arranged appropriately in a unit cell in order to construct a broadband absorber. A polarization-insensitive absorbance of above 90% is achieved over a bandwidth of 15%.

Từ khoá

metamaterials, perfect metamaterial absorber, broadband metamaterial absorber

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