Luminescence from wide band gap materials and their applications

Tóm tắt

We demonstrate ZnO and In2O3 microcrystals as an optical probe for wide range thermometry. Both ZnO and In2O3 microcrystals exhibit a monotonic decrease in luminescence intensities with increase in temperature. The variation has been explored to develop a thermometer in a wide temperature range. We also demonstrate enhanced brightness from broad-luminescent-wide band gap materials when sensitized with low band gap CdTe quantum dots. Wide band gap materials act as acceptors, while CdTe act as donors. One of the major implications is the designing of weak-luminescent-wide-band gap materials as bright white light emitting phosphors that can convert the ultraviolet into visible light.

Từ khoá

wide band gap materials, white light emitting phosphor, luminescence, cryogenic thermometry

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