Improving Lighting Performance of High Color Temperature White LED Packages Using (La,Ce,Tb) PO4:Ce:Tb Phosphor

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Enhancement of the color uniformity, the lumen output of the multi-chip white LED lamps (MCW-LEDs) at high color correlated temperature is a big challenge for researchers. However, an innovative LED lamp designed with a phosphor compounding, which combines (La,Ce,Tb) PO4:Ce:Tb (LaTb) green phosphor with YAG: CE yellow phosphor, is proposed as an optimal solution to this requirement. Index, using LaTb green phosphor into MCWLEDs could bring a superior optical performance for MCW-LEDs. It is found that the lumen output of this new MCW-LED at a high color temperature of 8500 K significantly improves up to 1600 lm compared to MCW-LEDs without LaTb phosphor. The simulation results demonstrated that the CCT deviation sharply decreases from 9000 to 1000 at the LaTb concentration range from 0 to 1.8 %, while the Color Rendering Index ability (CRI) and the Color Quality Scale (CQS) slightly decrease. To obtain the highest lumen output and the best color uniformity, the particle size range within 6 - 8 µm should be suggested.

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Color quality, (La,Ce,Tb)PO4:Ce:Tb, luminous ux, multi-chip white LED lamp.

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