Fabrication of micro accelerometer and magnetoresistive sensor directly on a ceramic substrate

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Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) sensors have movable parts: thus, it is difficult to handle them at fabrication because of the possibility of fracture. If a MEMS sensor could be fabricated not only on a silicon substrate but also on a ceramic substrate, which can be used for a package of the end product, the above-mentioned problem about handling would be solved, and its fabrication cost would be reduced. In this presentation, as demonstrations of the sensors directly fabricated on a ceramic package, an accelerometer and a magnetoresistive (MR) sensor are focused on. A micro accelerometer is proposed, which consists of a proof mass and ferroelectric substrate under it. A screen-printed barium titanate (BTO) film on an alumina substrate was employed as ferroelectrics. The sensitivity of the fabricated accelerometer was 0.1 pF g −1 . A triaxis MR sensor is proposed, which detects not only x- and y-axes’ magnetic field intensities but also that of the z-axis. Namely, not only azimuth but also angle of elevation of the sensor can be detected from triaxis components of the geomagnetic field. A permalloy (FeNi) plate is stood aside from the MR element. The plate distorts magnetic field and generates the x- (or y-) component from the originally z-directional field. A triaxis geomagnetic field was successfully detected by the fabricated sensor.

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Keywords: ceramic substrate, accelerometer, magnetoresistive (MR) sensor

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