Enhancing ionic conductivity in lithium amide for improved energy storage materials*

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Non-stoichiometry and bulk cation transport have been identified as key factors in the release and uptake of hydrogen in the Li–N–H system. Amide halide phases have been synthesized that have ionic conductivities several orders of magnitude greater than lithium amide, a faster rate of hydrogen release and elimination of the by-product, ammonia. Here we report the effect of both anion- and cation-doping on the hydrogen desorption properties of lithium amide, focusing in particular on how the presence of chloride anions and magnesium cations affects and controls the structure of the amide and imide compounds at the sub-nanometre level. Reducing the chloride content resulted in new low-chloride rhombohedral phases that contain around half of the chloride present in earlier amide chlorides, but maintained the enhancements seen in hydrogen desorption properties when compared to the halide-free system. These materials may also have potential in a range of other energy applications such as all solid state lithium ion batteries, supercapacitors, and CO2 capture and storage membranes.

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hydrogen storage, lithium amide, lithium chloride, magnesium chloride, powder xray diffraction, temperature-programmed desorption

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