Atomically controlled CVD processing of group IV semiconductors for ultra-large-scale integrations

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One of the main requirements for ultra-large-scale integrations (ULSIs) is atomic-order control of process technology. Our concept of atomically controlled processing is based on atomic-order surface reaction control by CVD. By ultraclean low-pressure CVD using SiH4 and GeH4 gases, high-quality low-temperature epitaxial growth of Si1−xGex (100) (x = 0–1) with atomically flat surfaces and interfaces on Si(100) is achieved. Self-limiting formation of 1–3 atomic layers of group IV or related atoms in the thermal adsorption and reaction of hydride gases on Si1−xGex (100) are generalized based on the Langmuir-type model. By the Si epitaxial growth on top of the material already-formed on Si(100), N, B and C atoms are confined within about a 1 nm thick layer. In Si cap layer growth on the P atomic layer formed on Si1−xGex (100), segregation of P atoms is suppressed by using Si2H6 instead of SiH4 at a low temperature of 450 ◦C. Heavy C atomic-layer doping suppresses strain relaxation as well as intermixing between Si and Ge at the Si1−xGex/Si heterointerface. It is confirmed that higher carrier concentration and higher carrier mobility are achieved by atomic-layer doping. These results open the way to atomically controlled technology for ULSIs

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Keywords: atomically controlled processing, chemical vapor deposition, silicon, germanium, ULSI

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